Preventative Parasite Control in All Pets

Dr. Gill Advocates for Preventative Parasite Control in All Pets

Adams Pet Hospital, Huntington Beach, CA

Huntington Beach, CA Veterinarian Gill Advocates for Preventative Parasite Control in All Pets

Fleas, ticks and worms are common parasites that can negatively affect the health of your pet. At the Adams Pet Hospital in Huntington Beach, CA, veterinarian Dr. Gill provides preventative parasite control treatment for all animals so that dogs, cats, rabbits and all other pets do not have to suffer the vomiting, weight loss and pain associated with a parasite infection. In addition, severe parasitical infestations involving heartworms and ticks can be potentially fatal if the animal is not treated immediately and appropriately. Dr. Gill offers modern and effective medications that not only relieve an animal's suffering from parasites but can also prevent a pet from experiencing the biting, stinging and internal damage of a parasitical infection.

Huntington Beach, CA veterinarian Dr. Gill sees more flea infestations affecting animals than any other type of parasite issue. Fleas survive on animals by attaching themselves to the fur and skin and sucking the animal's blood. Because a normal flea population is evenly distributed—meaning that at any given time, the flea population infesting an animal consists mostly of eggs, some larvae and lesser amounts of pupae and adult—the ability of the flea population to continue developing robustly is greatly enhanced. In fact, an adult, blood-sucking flea can live up to a year if left undisturbed on an animal's body. Dogs and cats can suffer from having thousands of adult fleas biting their skin, sucking their blood and damaging hair follicles for extended periods. Fortunately, Dr. Gill can treat animals suffering from fleas by initiating the right kind of treatment plan that usually involves oral medications and topical agents.

Heartworms are another parasite infection spread by mosquitoes that is potentially fatal if not treated before the worms enter the heart. To determine whether an animal is infected with heartworms, Dr. Gill performs “microfilariae” blood tests or examines the animal using ultrasound techniques. However, preventative parasite control concerning heartworms is essential because most animals do not exhibit any symptoms. For a mild heartworm condition, Huntington Beach, CA veterinarian Dr. Gill will prescribe medication that can be given at home. Serious heartworm infestations may require the animal be hospitalized due to implementation of a powerful medication that may cause reactions in the animal when elimination of heartworms begins.


For more information about parasite control and preventing parasitical infestations in your pet, visit or call 714-964-1605 to schedule an appointment with Huntington, CA veterinarian Dr. Gill.

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