Offers Quality Radiology for Proper Pet Care

Dr. Gill Offers Quality Radiology for Proper Pet Care

Adams Pet Hospital, Huntington Beach, CA

Huntington Beach, CA Veterinarian, Dr. Arun Gill, Offers Quality Radiology for Proper Pet Care

X-rays, also known as radiology, are used by veterinarians for a number of reasons, including to tell if your pet needs to have surgery or if they have internal problems. X-rays are usually recommended after a pet has been in an accident or showing signs of pain, though some older pets get these imaging tests performed during their routine check-ups. At Adams Pet Hospital , all radiography tests are performed by a qualified technician in the office and are developed on-site. This allows Huntington Beach, CA veterinarian Dr. Arun Gill to review the images and provide the next steps to the pet’s owner.

Radiology in Huntington Beach, CA is provided to pets of Adams Pet Hospital when they are brought in for diagnostic testing, whether it is a routine visit, trauma, or possible illness. There are many benefits to radiography tests, including being able to find a hemorrhage, internal bleeding, infection, cyst or mass, tumor, or fracture.

Pet owners that bring their dogs and cats, or other pets, to Adams Pet Hospital feel more at ease with the practice knowing that the x-rays performed are developed right there on site. This means they can receive a speedy diagnosis for their beloved pet, in addition to best diagnosis and treatment plan available. Other tests are also available in the office, including CT scans, MRIs and ultrasound. Contact Huntington Beach, CA veterinarian Dr. Arun Gill to learn more about radiography and other imaging tests.


Visit to read about Dr. Gill and radiology used, or schedule an appointment for pet x-rays at Adams Pet Hospital in Huntington Beach, CA at 714-964-1605.

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