Importance of Pet Safety During the Holidays

Adams Pet Hospital, Huntington Beach, CA

Adams Pet Hospital in Huntington Beach, CA Emphasizes the Importance of Pet Safety During the Holidays

As you are enjoying the holiday season, it’s important to remember that certain traditions, while fun for us humans, aren’t always safe for your pets. Adams Pet Hospital in Huntington Beach, CA wants to remind all pet owners that they should take some extra steps this holiday season to make sure that the holidays are enjoyable for humans and pets alike. While the holidays can be a great time for pets and their families, some human festivities need to be carefully monitored. It’s important that you take preventative measures to ensure that your pets are healthy and safe during the holidays.

One of the most popular holiday traditions is putting up a Christmas tree. While they are beautiful, make sure that they are secure and that they will not fall and risk injury to your pet. Also, if your tree is real, make sure that your pet cannot drink any of the water for the tree. This water often maintains with toxic fertilizers and serves as a breeding ground for bacteria that can cause nausea and diarrhea if consumed. Keep Christmas tree lights and other decorations with electric cords away from pets too. Keep all wires out of reach of your pets. A wire could deliver a potential lethal shock and any broken batteries can cause burns in the mouth and esophagus. Shards of broken ornaments can also damage a pet’s mouth. And although your kitten may love the shiny appeal of tinsel, it can obstruct the digestive tract, cause vomiting and require removal through surgery.

Around the holidays there also tends to be a lot of food and lively feasting. Make sure that chocolate is left out of reach from your pets. Do not feed your pet table scraps, especially bones. Take care to clean up plates and alcoholic beverages that are left unattended. Although your pets can enjoy the holidays with safe, sturdy toys and extra love from friends and relatives, make sure that you avoid any problems than can occur if children become to excitable or are not accustom to pets. Take care with gifts, toys and small decorative that are left on the ground or where pets could reach. Adams Pet Hospital in Huntington Beach, CA encourages you to keep your pets safe and ensure many happy holiday seasons to come.

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