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Veterinary Practice, Adams Pet Clinic, Stresses Flea Prevention

Adams Pet Hospital, Huntington Beach, CA

Huntington Beach, CA Veterinary Practice, Adams Pet Hospital, Stresses Flea Prevention

You and your pet might be excited to head outdoors on warmer days, but before you do, Adams Pet Clinic recommends that you take steps to prevent fleas. Fleas thrive in warmer weather, leaving your pets vulnerable to this common parasite. Huntington Beach, CA pet owners can visit Adams Pet Hospital for preventative medications and tips on keeping fleas from affecting their pets. Adams Pet Clinic encourages owners to learn more about fleas and how to prevent this uncomfortable parasite from affecting their pet’s health.

Fleas are small, wingless insects that tend to make their homes in a pet’s fur. They feed on blood and can survive anywhere from sixteen days to twenty one months. This variable length is just one of the many reasons why you want to prevent fleas from affecting your pet. Fleas are a troublesome parasite because they can carry a number of dangerous diseases. These diseases can be transferred to your pet and even to you. Fleas also cause general discomfort, itchiness and allergic reactions. These are just a few of the reasons why Adams Pet Hospital stresses flea prevention at their practice. In addition to medications that keep your pets free of flees, you can also take steps around your house to make your yard less flea-friendly. It is particularly important to focus on shady, moist areas where fleas are most attracted. Regularly check your pet’s fur and comb through it for signs of fleas or ticks.

If your pet does get fleas in the warm months, Adams Pet Hospital also offers treatments to rid your pet of this uncomfortable parasite. They invite all pet owners to visit their Huntington Beach, CA to learn more about how they can use medication to prevent fleas from affecting the health of their pets.


To learn more about the services offered at Adams Pet Hospital , visit or call 714-964-1605 to schedule an appointment at their Huntington Beach, CA office for your pet.

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